Biodiesel Processors

Biodiesel Processors
Biodiesel can be produced from fresh vegetable oil, waste vegetable oil, or even animal fats. It can be splash blended with petrodiesel right in your fuel tank at any concentration. Biodiesel is less toxic than table salt and more biodegradable then sugar. In addition, biodiesel contains almost no aromatics and emits far fewer green house gasses and particulates then petrodiesel when combusted. Whether you are motivated by energy independence, environmental benefits, or saving money on fuel costs, biodiesel is the answer.

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109457  Fuelmeister II Biodiesel Processor  Model# FM2
airtechgreen price! $3,795.00
109455  BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor, Model# ADBP-190
airtechgreen price! $10,399.00
109456  BioPro 380 Biodiesel Processor, Model# ADBP-380
airtechgreen price! $16,950.00