Neutral Posture - 9000 Series Headrest Exec Ergo-Chair

Neutral Posture - 9000 Series Headrest Exec Ergo-Chair
Item# 9000
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All All Neutral Posture Chairs Include These 10 Special Ergonomic Adjustment Features!

 Pneumatic Seat Height

 Backrest Depth

 Seat Angle And Tilt  Inflatable Lumbar
 Seat Angle Tension Control  Armrest Height
 Backrest Angle  Armrest Rotation / Swivel
 Backrest Height  Armrest Width



The 9000 Series is the epitome of ergonomic excellence, constructed to satisfy even the most discriminating consumers.  Its upper back support combined with a two-way adjustable headrest. 

Please visit the Neurtal Posture Website (Link Below), and let us know if you would prefer any alternate fabrics, colors, or chair options, as we would be pleased to assist you in selecting the Neutral Posture Chair that best meets your requirements and taste! All chair pricing includes the Neutral Posture's New Cloud 9 (grade 3) upholstery, for optimum comfort and durability! Neutral Posture Chairs come with a manufacturer's 'Lifetime Warranty'!

Green Statement

Neutral Posture Is In The Green! Building an effective Green Program takes a company-wide effort, but we think it's worth the effort to ensure that our manufacturing process has the least possible effect on the environment. Listed below are some of the ways in which Neutral Posture's products, manufacturing procedures and delivery processes minimized the impact on our renewable natural resources, making Neutral Posture one of the greenest seating manufacturers in the world. The use of recycled materials is something we encourage and practice, and we carefully monitor the level of recycled materials to ensure their maximum use without affecting quality strength, quality, and durability. Minus paint, foam and fabric, Neutral Products are basically 100% recyclable. If calculated by weight rather than component count, which is the standard used for environmental burden, the chair yields approximately 95% recyclable materials.